each of the investors truly established a company, must be entrusted with their hope, so they hope that it can develop real prosperity, and this is often reflected in the name, but a lot of people might have on the name is not very understanding, often self defeating, following small to introduce the company name of the ten and two arcane formulas.

1. say, good, easy to read; 2 good record, people found that 3 of the people can be gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory; a glance from a number of brand; 4 the use of the products, and unique function. At a glance; 5 cause good association; 6 creative characteristic, not same with others; 7 products have potential possibility of further development; 8 of production and advertising products and system integration, name; 9 commodity style, taste; can be named and 10 registered trademark right.

Two company name: Arcane

not simultaneous adjustment. The tone of the same name, read it will feel a bit dull. Experts found that the end is the best name for the tone, rising tone loud levels is relatively low. Choose to pay attention to rhyme. Several parts of the same word initial consonant pronunciation, if put together, will read some difficulty; if the vowel is the same, even a mouthful. Experts remind that the name is best not to use all the N and l, Z, C, s and Zh, CH, SH pronunciation of the same initials.

to name loud sounds, vowels are the key word selection. Experts say the name with a nasal vowel read loud, "ang", "good", "light", "Peng", "East" containing words especially loud after nasal finals; in the non nasal finals words, namely the main opening of vowel vowel, such as "up" and "handsome,  " treasure ", a high degree of.

by this article, if you happen to be a company name, whether to get useful information? Take a good name, often can play a multiplier effect, then you name, we must pay attention to!