everyone in life will form some mistakes, retail store owners if the daily operation of the careless, more likely to encounter more mistakes. Once the error, often have a very negative impact on the operation of the store. In short, although the retail activities seem simple, but in reality is not simple, involving many aspects of the parties (including some details), the need for retail households careful, careful. However, in the retail business, as a result of retail households temporarily careless, some mistakes and errors are inevitable. But after the occurrence of the need for cautious and prudent handling of retail. What are the mistakes in the retail process?

(1) made the wrong goods.

in the retail business, because of busy, in the delivery of goods to customers may appear in the type, quantity, specifications and the actual purchase of the customer does not match the situation, which is likely to lead to customer dissatisfaction.

(2) miscalculation.

Some retailers in the

to the customer accounts, fast calculation calculator or fast calculating either, but also for their own calculation fully confident, do not want to count second times, so prone to miscalculation. In fact, when customers are shopping, they will also do it yourself, if we have a lot of retail households, just think how the customer will think? They’ll think we’re trying to fool them, so that the customer may be questioned. At this point, retailers must first apologize to customers, such as: "I’m sorry, you wait, I’ll count it again." Or say: "Oh, I feel shy to count." Errors found in a timely manner to correct, so that customers will promptly eliminate misunderstanding.

(3) received the wrong money.

some customers account is right, but in the hands of customer money, but the wrong money. It is possible to take more or less, to take less damage, and to take more customers will be unhappy. In this case, the retail customers should promptly apologize to customers to correct.

(4) received counterfeit money.

in the retail business checkout, if the retail households careless, may receive customer counterfeit money. If customer received counterfeit money, I think that retailers should find a suitable reason to let customers pay attention to customers for cash, do not hurt self-esteem, don’t blame the customer fraud.

comments: mistakes are actually very normal thing, and as the owner, if the formation of these errors, you also need to know how to deal with. In short, for retailers to treat every aspect of the retail process, to be empathy with the customer, the customer’s own thing to do when things, to avoid some unnecessary emergencies. Once the error occurs, to apologize in a timely manner, timely correction. Only in this way can we win the customer’s understanding and win them