in the process of economic development, a lot of the industry has also appeared some unsatisfactory things, some of the serious violations of the law. The majority of the people in the market for consumption, more and more uneasy. Usually spent money, but can not guarantee the effect. So, how to create a consumer confidence in Leshan city?

7 4, mayor Zhang Tong presided over the executive meeting of the municipal government of the 125th. The meeting considered the "Leshan consumer city create assured comfortable implementation plan", passed the "Leshan" 13th Five-Year "basic public service system planning".

meeting pointed out that in March of this year, the city approved the first batch of the province, comfortable comfortable consumption city to create a pilot city. I am determined to create clear ideas and goals, to create "a network, a center, a platform, to carry out food and drug consumption safety, the circulation of goods quality of consumer safety, traffic order, security price regulation, regulate the tourism industry such as 20 major tasks. At the same time, the development of the Leshan to create a comfortable comfortable consumer city division of labor table, a clear 25 to create tasks, responsible units, time limit arrangements to ensure the orderly advance.

meeting stressed that the rest of the comfort of the consumer city to create work on the city’s tourism environment improvement, boost the construction of international tourism destination is of great significance. To increase efforts to promote the creation of work in the city and county scenic spots (city and district) to conduct a comprehensive deployment, accelerate the credit publicity platform, information platform, to ensure the credibility of the construction of the platform, to provide effective starting point and platform for the construction of the international tourism destination.

the meeting pointed out that the "Leshan" 13th Five-Year "basic public service system planning" mainly expounds the "13th Five-Year" period of basic public service system construction of the general idea, the main task and major projects, including basic public education, employment services and other 9 areas. Planning to promote the urban and rural areas and the equalization of basic public services in different groups, and effectively protect the basic livelihood of the masses, vigorously improve the survival and development conditions, is an important guidance for my next 5 years, the basic public service system construction documents.

against some of the undesirable phenomenon of society, actively stop, and take relevant measures to solve, it is very necessary! Conducive to the establishment of a better social atmosphere conducive to the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

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