a shop if you want to be successful in business, in the current competitive market situation, naturally also need operators can grasp more business tips. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce the nine tips for the management of the store, which can give a reference to more shopkeepers.

tip one: pre flattery, not as good after-sales service.

case: a few years ago, Mr. Zhang’s sister to buy a video recorder, ask him to help. Came to a more familiar "reputation" electrical store, the boss is very enthusiastic, strongly recommended to him a new Toshiba video recorder. However, Toshiba moved home, but found no match with the old TV video interface. Mr. Zhang’s sister asked to return, however, Mr. Zhang back to fame, but to see the boss of another face.

products have been opened to the boss 2000 to sell on the grounds, refused to change, attitude and previous like a different person, so Zhang angry. Finally, in the case of a quarrel with the threat, Mr. Zhang paid more than more than and 200 yuan in exchange for an old television with a video recorder. So many years later, he mentioned still hate.

tips two: do not in front of the customer or the clerk scolded the quarrel, which is equal to the customer off the premises.

case: Mr. Wang couple rented a facade near the residential area, selling computer supplies. The house belonged to the high-end residential, with a computer, many people, and not far away is the facade of the two schools, from the geographical point of view, there should be a strong source of.

At the beginning of

, the business was good. But, as Mr. Wang and his wife often quarrel, but also have a few back in the shop, so that the new customers and repeat is rather baffling, distress, so business a lot of light. Mr. Wang believes that his wife is a net purchase method, unsalable goods. While Mr. Wang believes that this is because she always looks scared to do business, customer. Such quarrels often occur in the shop, the customers are afraid to come back.

tip three: do not always stare at the customer entangled, chatter to introduce non-stop.

case: Xiao Li has been very afraid to go home only a dozen steps of the Pharmacy – it’s facade is very stylish, shelf design is open, is a typical drug supermarket, and sales staff is very enthusiastic……

, but the problem is just on the "very warm". When the customer enters the hall, the door of the counter will continue to pass moves Lai sound, mouth kept asking "what to buy?" "What’s wrong with the body?"…… Even if you have bought one, they will introduce another. When you go out, you will not be able to give you a promotional leaflet, said