open the door to do business, first of all need to clear their products and customer positioning, so as to make the service more targeted, business development will naturally be better, the probability of making money will be higher. However, how to position has become a very difficult thing. So, how to locate the teahouse?

teahouse need to locate

Jack · Trout’s "positioning theory" can be explained with the intense competition in the market, repeatedly, loudly say their tea service, tea how good has not, but more important is to shout out with competitors slogans by different consumers think you "out of the ordinary" finally, occupy a particular market space.

at present, the teahouse industry to use the "positioning theory" is more successful than Lao She teahouse. In the Lao She Teahouse in Beijing, guests can enjoy every day to a convergence opera, folk art, acrobatics, magic, face and other excellent national artistic performances, and can use all kinds of goods, tea, palace fine point, Beijing traditional snacks and Beijing cuisine tea party. Here has become a foreign cultural exchanges and national cultural showcase".

since its opening, Lao She Teahouse received nearly 50 foreign heads of state, a large number of celebrities and about 2000000 Chinese and foreign tourists. Obviously, business teahouse, Lao She Teahouse is completely different from the city leisure teahouse is, let alone this one, party and government departments, social organizations and guests have no choice, the location of convergence of national cultural characteristics firmly occupy the consumer’s psychological space. Lao She Teahouse to play a unique national cultural brand, other tea can also be another way to give their tea a unique positioning.

identify customer groups

in fact, teahouse positioning in the old Beijing precedent. It is understood that there are three old Beijing teahouse. One is the library, which is the old tea house in Beijing, a more distinctive teahouse. The teahouse owner invited artists to play the singing, storytelling based. Firm boss, Mr. accountant and some frustrated bureaucrats and politicians, is a frequent visitor here. There is a chess teahouse, mostly concentrated in the bridge area, people to ordinary workers and citizens as much leisure.

this kind of tea equipment simple, generally rectangular board, laid on brick piers or piles, painted checkerboard, people drink while playing chess, can temporarily forget the end of the day, the hardships of life. The third is the seasonal Chapeng, in addition to the outside in the temple fair, regular, and every summer Chushu, the north shore of Shichahai will form a Chapeng corridor.

it can be seen that the old Beijing teahouse each has its own target customer base, so now the tea house in Beijing has opened in the vicinity of high-grade residential, open in Zhongguancun high