Christmas and new year’s Day is approaching, all businesses are conducting promotional activities. Shanghai will host the first public space in the creation of the Christmas market, a special service for the entrepreneurs of the Christmas market, brings together a variety of entrepreneurial partners, you can not miss the venture.

It is reported that

25-26 (on Friday afternoon, COCO  – six); SPACE will join Su Ningyun, barley village, fan guest life partners such as Shanghai entrepreneurs and their relatives to bring a warm and hard hit off the market. Intelligent hardware, smart home appliances, VR products, such as new, strange, special trend products and experience based, but also the legend of the day went to the Christmas gift, maybe you can get soft…… It is only necessary to enter the red element, or Santa Claus will be asked to play it (18.18 yuan red equipment acquisition costs, the proceeds for the latter part of charitable activities). In addition, 16:30-17:00 provided a special gift exchange links, this time in COCO  the SPACE infested buddy will open random gift exchange mode, if it is not met TA, then by COCO  SPACE; but the small ran headed Huadan and you swap ~~

27 day (Sunday) afternoon, COCO  SPACE is the gathering of the most magical magic value of each of the representatives of the service agencies to bring all the gifts and dry Carnival carnival!

the Christmas market has the following highlights:

One bright spot:

O2O giant Su ningyun first service public record, portrait of COCO  SPACE Christmas market power. Bring some entrepreneurs exclusive product show and discount sale, there are 1 points and limited sale & sweepstakes and other activities, the latter will also host a series of entrepreneurs special activities, recommended