now, whether in Chinese, or in Hong Kong and Macao, entrepreneurship have begun into people’s lives a very important thing, the country are actively held some entrepreneurs forum, in order to attract some entrepreneurs.

for two days in Hongkong and Qianhai at the World Youth Entrepreneurship Forum 2015 ", was unveiled at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center yesterday, today to Qianhai. Forum with "Growing  Entrepreneurship  –  What  next?" As the theme, attracted nearly 20 countries and regions, more than 1000 young people to participate in their joint venture with Hongkong and the mainland youth, exchange of experience in the practice of entrepreneurship.

"World Youth Entrepreneurship Forum" sponsored by the Hongkong Youth Association, jointly organized by the Qianhai Management Bureau of Shenzhen City Youth Federation, Qianhai Youth Exchange, Shenzhen Kunpeng, DreamWorks, "dream +" alliance Co, is held in the most wide, the largest world youth entrepreneurship forum. This is the second consecutive year, the youth from Australia, Belgium, Kampuchea, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, the United States and other nearly 20 countries and regions.

Cooperation Area Management Bureau of Shenzhen city

"youth entrepreneurship cannot only have a cavity of ideals and enthusiasm, must have perfect financial plan, to persuade bank loans and apply for a government subsidy." Wang Dongsheng, vice chairman and chief executive officer of Hongkong, Shanghai, said that while sharing the experience with the young people in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, said that while keeping close to the needs of the market, to remain modest. At present, facing the development opportunity in the Pearl River Delta Chi, Hongkong youth should be more broad-minded and recommended