now go out with ID card, but need special attention, can not speak ID card is lost. Recently, there is a strange thing, a woman and her boyfriend to register to find themselves married, leading to being married because of the loss of identity cards.

this month in 14, Valentine’s day, many couples went to the local civil affairs bureau of registration of marriage, the couple think in this romantic day marriage is a very memorable thing. The 24 year old woman who lives in Xiangshan Xiao Yu also has the same idea, but in the small Yu and her boyfriend went to the marriage registration office, but something she feel unbelievable things, because the marriage registration office told Xiao Yu, you have been married, but also gave birth to a child.

the staff with the two generation ID card reader test ID card, is true; this account, so the staff can peruse. Since the ID card is true, is responsible for the registration of staff will give them a certificate.

"marriage" event, on the one hand, people realize the seriousness of the loss of identity, on the other hand also have lamented the marriage registration office "heart" service attitude, in the marriage registration for couples, or careless treatment? In the examination of the parties when the information is not carefully compared to the parties for the marriage formalities, too hasty.



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