in the end to choose what kind of project, choose what kind of a business model, which for investors, in fact, there are relevant reasons. So, why do adult products in the online business? Let me see small series to analyze.

one, to do so profiteering industry

is not as much money in every industry, farmers still manage to maintain a spare, hard living, famine years encounter more difficult, Daoteng food may not be laborious, don’t sweat, earn pours, a sentence like this: do not choose to work, also said: the man was afraid the wrong line, afraid of marrying the wrong woman Lang.

I dropped out of college to

out of business from scratch experienced a variety of industries, with deep feeling on this point, when the best of my day had a 300 thousand profit ability, it is definitely not what people, or good luck, that is the choice of the industry, because many peers are the same gain of course, this is not money, but I choose to do Adult supplies, Adult supplies is at a high profit.


industry also rise soon, can also say more chaos is not standardized, especially a few years ago many products are super profits, the street Adult supplies shop selling things like drugs, the purchase price of 10 yuan to sell 100, some sell to Taiwan cost more than and 100 products to charge one thousand or two thousand, but the company has been operating regular brand products, not those illegal drugs like, although people do Adult supplies increase, profit margins decreased, relative to other industries is still very good.

two, the market demand is large, there is room for development

if you want to start fast, speeding entrepreneurship, the first choice of the product must be a big market demand, there is room for development. With the change of people’s ideas, Adult supplies products such as demand and acceptance are more and more people, especially now that the development of the network, before many open Adult supplies shop customers are generally older, buy some contraceptive products such as.

is now online shopping so convenient, many young white-collar workers, students of all ages people accept and try to buy these products, from our current delivery records, schools, companies, and institutions have, but there are many tricks, is not limited to the male condom. Female masturbation appliance tricks, eggs, oral sex, masturbation cup, enlargement device simulation tool, interest game service, more and more new products released, so many people have not tried to buy the impulse.

to say how much the market space, the Chinese market is indeed very large, you can check the data, there are tens of billions of light condoms market, and you, only