eight each have their own characteristics, taste due to regional differences and local people have different tastes and distinguish of fresh spicy beauty, also belong to sichuan. Sichuan brand awareness is relatively high too many to count, including the popularity of good daronghe sichuan.

daronghe Sichuan restaurant headquarters "daronghe" or "fusion". All rivers run into sea, tolerance; West Chengdu, had planted hibiscus, referred to as "Chengdu" on the wall; the land of abundance Sichuan famous cover; interpretation of life on behalf of delicacy, party a "daronghe".

daronghe Sichuan joined

at the moment, although western food is also popular in China, however, to say that the real popular food and dining, should also be Chinese food, because Chinese food is more in line with the Chinese people’s eating habits and tastes. Daronghe Sichuan, to create Chinese features with China local delicacy.

Home Dishes daronghe Sichuan, to the northeast is the main characteristics of food and beverage, well-known craft sauce is small potatoes, is the northeast person love meal. Grain brewing soy sauce braised a small potatoes, add chunks with Braised pork in brown sauce, pepper, with fresh coriander, taste wonderful.

daronghe Sichuan, with northern specialty primarily, in the classic characteristics of inheritance of Dongbei and continuous development and innovation, integration of hundreds of long, create more in line with the characteristics of Chinese delicacy, popular with the majority of Chinese people touted


daronghe Sichuan, Chinese catering in the well-known brands. Daronghe Sichuan, shows great charm and Everfount China catering market attraction and vitality to the people with the development momentum of booming


daronghe Sichuan joining conditions:

1, agree with the Sichuan cuisine enterprise culture, I am convinced that Sichuan Sichuan brand.

2, healthy, no infectious diseases, love the food industry.

3, dedication, perseverance, can put daronghe Sichuan as a business to do.

4, maintain "daronghe Sichuan" brand image, not by the "daronghe Sichuan" brand effect to damage the interests of consumers.

5, willing to accept the unified management of Sichuan investment company daronghe.

6, have a fixed business store, Sichuan daronghe joined stores in line with the company to join.

daronghe Sichuan can join to bring the biggest business opportunities only.