speaking of selling cigarettes, you don’t think a box is a buy, buy, in the current era, few people will think is a buy, however, this shop is in such a mode of operation, but the effect is good. Now, let us look at the characteristics of the operating mode.

since the Taishan (big chicken) re listed after the beginning of my store sales have been good, but then slowly nobody cares. I know from an old customer mouth, is the original "Taishan (chicken)" some high price positioning, people can not accept all of a sudden rise from three yuan to fifteen yuan in fifteen yuan or so, there are many brands, can choose more. I looked at the smoke on the shelves of the "Taishan" (chicken), a little impatient heart. How can smoothly the big chicken sell out?

once, chatting in the group, a group of friends told me that a clever way to sell slow-moving cigarettes, that is, open box on the sale. I decided to give it a try, I took a box of "Taishan", opened in a prominent position, and with a piece of paper to write a few words: "big chicken" on the sale, please try a taste. Sure enough, some customers have been aroused curiosity: "big chicken" on the sale? Let me taste it." Some also said: "yes, first to try. Even if it’s not good, it’s not a waste."

I was introduced to them: "although" big money ", but its workmanship in formula and have a great breakthrough, low tar content, are used for high quality tobacco. Old brand new feeling ah!" They all bought a try to get up. Sure enough, in the smoke slowly, some people said: "yes, compared to the previous’ big chicken ‘good pumping more." "It’s a good draw. It’s soft. It doesn’t choke." So everyone bought a box. In this way, in a few days time, a big chicken was sold out of me. Really should be the phrase: for a business, perhaps there will be unexpected harvest.

said that in the current era, cigarettes are rarely sold, but the special circumstances need special treatment, perhaps the effect will be completely different. So, if the traditional mode of operation can not allow the business of the shop to get a hot development, we might as well change a business thinking, so that the store’s business will get unexpected results oh.