is now a lot of the owner of the business has always been immutable, time unchanged, operating the same product, unchanged service attitude. In the current rapid development of the market environment, such as the "no" business is facing a very big problem, it is difficult to maintain a lasting business. That night, has been more than nine points, and her husband went out with a friend did not come back, I will wait for him in the store.

at this time, six or seven migrant workers into the store, in addition to smoke, they also chose a lot of daily necessities and some small food. In the chat that they are not far from a construction site workers, to Wuqiao’s time is not long, not too familiar with the neighborhood. One worker said: "boss, we recently rush deadlines often work overtime, work every day late, several times to the store to buy things, but you closed early on."

indeed. The weather is getting colder and colder, especially in the evening, the flow of tourists greatly reduced, I will close the door ahead of time. I think: instead of wasting it, it is better to close the door early rest. However, from the words of a few migrant workers do not feel bad: not the market does not demand, but my method is not the right way. So, I decided to extend the opening hours of the evening, so that migrant workers shopping. In addition, taking into account the migrant workers work tasks are relatively heavy, the shop is not busy, I told my husband a good job: he will keep shop, I was carrying a tricycle full of daily necessities and food, to sell to the nearby construction site.

in addition to migrant workers, residents lived in the area many of the older, the mobility of the elderly, my "mobile stalls" also provide convenient. At the same time, I also carry a small notebook, write down what the customer wants and the tricycle did not return to the store as soon as possible to customers door-to-door. Through the customer’s word of mouth, shop business has been slowly improved.

era in the change, each person’s thinking is changing, people’s consumption concept is changing, if the store has always been the same, no doubt can not meet the needs of customers. As the saying goes: the poor are changed, change the pass. Through their own personal experience, I have a deeper understanding of: no matter what to do, the train of thought must live, so as to keep pace with the times, can not stand.