when it comes to intellectual property rights, China’s understanding will be a step late, but in the wave of entrepreneurship is now growing, trademark registration is becoming more and more important, you need to start, do you understand the importance of trademark registration?

now incubator line in each city blossom everywhere, one after another in the U.S. capital markets China enterprises, but behind the now popular tide, we also see the awareness and protection of intellectual property in the wave of serious lack of entrepreneurial Chinese. For the importance of trademark, I think we should be very clear.

trademark rights are linked with the products and services, a trademark in general do not have to protect all product categories. The author believes that, for entrepreneurs, it is not realistic and meaningless to apply for registration of the trademark in all categories. Therefore, we need to understand our products and services, to determine which categories should be registered trademarks, in accordance with the protection of the field or industry, the classification of registration.