in this world, although there are a lot of people have a very happy life, but there is a group of people, their life is adrift, struggling, such a group would need the attention of the whole society.

"can’t eat meat, meat fat people do not give money……" The picture of the little boy you know! This is Wang Menghao four years ago in Zhengzhou, begging the sentence, he was only six years old, a road kneels to passengers for money, become a bitter Zhengzhou Railway Station scenery! And the paralyzed father lay in the vicinity of a small rental house. The father and son of all the expenses is to rely on the small dream Hao’s daily begging! Four years ago, the small dream of the matter after being exposed by the media, caring people have donated, he was also sent back to his home for free school. Over the past four years, recently making a small dream house visit, he said: "my parents is a gangster".


2011 September, a 6 year old beggar begging his father, I do not know what is a video of the 61 moved thousands of friends.

video, a round face boy, dirty and torn clothes, a kneeling begging, "and does not match the age:

"birthday is not to buy things, no money, eat on the line. Eat some rice, stir fried tofu……"

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