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cake chain corporation are developed step by step, and if you want to create a cake chain brand, but he had no experience, you may wish to refer to a classic case of their predecessors, so you can save a lot of time and energy.

4 years, the company has experienced strong wind and big waves, Zhang Lan did not disclose the specific data nuoxin annual revenue, but the "entrepreneur" she told reporters: "now sell more than 3 thousand cake every day." This newspaper has learned that its single average price of about 150 yuan between $180, according to estimates, it is currently the size of the annual revenue of $100 million does not break suspense.

nuoxin has set up branches in Beijing, Hangzhou, Tianjin 6 city, a total of 800 employees. Shanghai is its headquarters, office space is located in Tianlin Road 140, a less conspicuous building. Open the door of the company’s glass, one will see a corner of the front desk stacked with some empty cardboard boxes; its employees will be around you from time to time flash, it is not difficult to feel the quality of a start-up company exudes.

2011 year heart to complete the A round of financing. If no accident, it’s the next round of financing will soon be settled. Figure slim Zhang Lan after a pile of cardboard boxes to a corner, go sit only less than 10 people in the meeting room, after taking a seat, she did not greet, simply said: "we together to talk about the user experience and product."