a shop in the end can not attract customers, in addition to the product, a lot of time are reflected in the details of some shopkeepers did not notice. In fact, in the store inside, in addition to the overall environmental design, and then, that is, countless details, here, we will enumerate the details of the store inside the main points of attention.

1. paste caution on the door

in the autumn and winter season, easy to produce static electricity, customers in the door into the store in a flash, it is possible to trigger static electricity, will allow customers to be frightened, affect shopping mood, so to remind.

2. door handle sheath

the purpose of the installation of the sheath has three: one is directly with other stores in the visual distinction; the two is to prevent static electricity: the three is to take into account in the cold weather, to avoid the customer reach out to touch the cold metal handle.

3. mat

customers into the store, the first foot into the store, it is best to step on the floor mat, one is rub gray, and secondly, the soft ground will relax the mood of the customer to a certain extent. The pad must pay attention to a little larger size, edge integrity, good quality points, currently on the market the most expensive pad is 3M, also a hundred dollars, discerning customers should know this brand.

4. automatic welcome

installed in the entrance of the door, the induction into the store customers, automatically issued "welcome to view", the first is to directly welcome the customer, and the second is to remind the store clerk to the customer. Night can also be used as anti-theft equipment.

5. reception cup

commonly used for reception cup disposable cups or plastic cups, the two cup the biggest advantage is cheap, but poor materials, easy deformation, and showed some grades, pay attention to the guests or even abandon, refused to direct these cheap glass. Suggestions can be changed to air cup, although is disposable, but a lot of good material, feel relatively line. For VIP customers, can be separately prepared special porcelain.

6. humidifier

in spring, summer and winter three seasons, the best place to keep the humidifier in the store, increase the humidity in the air is a humidifier, the aerosol can be filled to a certain extent, ease the mood. Of course, as far as possible in the shape of chic, after all, we have seen humidifier, it is necessary to make a difference in the shape.

7. UV lamp