now a lot of people talking about entrepreneurship shop, the mind is thinking of profiteering, in particular, this is not the cause of the high cost of honey. So, can we really make honey? Let Xiaobian illustrate through a case of actual operators.

pulled a car honey back, we just put honey into the work between the counter, and people shouting outside the gate we opened the gate. I ran out to see, is one of our Haruki’s daughter, usually not very familiar with, it is just a nod to meet.

I took the key and opened the door of the fence and jokingly said to her, "this is a beautiful coat today."

she said proudly: "look good? I bought it in Xianyang. It’s 200 bucks."

she walked in and said, "I just saw your son-in-law pull a car of honey and bring me a bottle of flower."

I asked her what she would like to flower honey? She said that the cheapest one, she said that the cheapest one is the 1 level of our shop. Take her to our work room, gave her from the counter to take 1 bottles of 1 Huai, she asked me how much money to give her 1 pounds? I didn’t lift my head and say 40. She cried out loudly, "what? 40? I take only 20, you will earn me $1 on the 20 dollars, so black?"

I looked at her lightly: "you think I’m black hearted you go to get it."

she confidently said: "if it weren’t for the sandy weather, I would have been riding for a long time."

I laughed: "you know that the sand is all over the sky, I thought you didn’t know how we came back. What did you say about me? I tell you, ah, you this windbreaker, you buy 200 dollars, the clothes in the wholesale market, even the value of 100, how do you do not talk about the black clothes to sell it? I earn you 20 black heart? You know the weather is bad, we don’t know the weather is bad I do business at the same time, you don’t forget, I don’t make it so hard for me to do?"

she was not able to say what I said, and said: "you can not make me 20, earn less, on the list of the 10."

I write to

honey varieties on the counter, the head also did not carry to tell her: "to take back to your home, next time remember when you buy honey, buy 1 bottles for me, let’s call it quits."

she was happy: This is almost the same, are living in Haruki with what you have to do business to make money, we have no money to earn?"