entrepreneurs who want to be sure to find out the specific entrepreneurial process, only to understand the specific steps of entrepreneurship, will be more aware of what problems should be noted in the process of entrepreneurship, what procedures should be handled. Wait until everything is ready, you can easily start to become rich.

A, selected business project

two, draft business plan

selected venture refers to "what", decided to start up business plan is to decide how to do business". A good plan is half the battle. Only to propose a viable business plan, entrepreneurial activities can be targeted, reduce errors, improve the success of entrepreneurial confidence.

three, raising venture capital

one can’t make bricks without straw, do the same business, good projects and creative, out of money, it can not expand. However, entrepreneurs are basically lack recently, therefore, how to raise funds has become a problem of the entrepreneurs must be solved, and the method about financing on this website business guidance section, has repeatedly been introduced specially.

four, handle the relevant procedures

five, business plan implementation and management of