many of the laws of economics can actually be applied to the actual operation of our business, if carefully try to figure out, you can also find that it is very practical. Economics has a well-known law called "bad money drives out good money", this law is a historical phenomenon summed up: the coinage of the times when those below the legal weight or fineness of the coin – "bad money" into circulation, people tend to be less than the value of those currencies – "good money" away. Finally, the good money will be expelled, the market circulation is only bad money.

Why does

appear "bad money drives out good money" phenomenon? The asymmetric information of the parties is the basis of the phenomenon of "bad money drives out good money". Because if the two parties on the coinage or authenticity are very understanding, bad coin holder is difficult to the hands of the bad money out, or even to go out only in accordance with the "real" bad money rather than legal value and other transactions.

asymmetric information theory is the founder of the University of California economics professor George · Akedof, he won the 2001 Nobel prize in economics. Now, the law of economics has been extended to other fields to describe various social phenomena.

bad money drives out good money in life! For example, the factory in order to streamline the staff, improve efficiency, let a laid-off workers must double, factory strong intention naturally want to leave, but the fact is often relatively weak in the factory, and have the ability of people to leave, because his chances of finding a new job more. So bad money drives out good money. Another example of the company’s ability to give different people the same salary, in fact, the actual value of different people with the same nominal value, the result must be able to leave the high ability and low left. Then bad money drives out good money!

usually take the next bus or on the subway line, the rules always jammed cars several times on the reel right and left, also not to go, but do not keep order of men are often able to win the seat or seize the time The early bird catches. The last line of people queuing to get less and less, the vehicle comes, they are scrambling to make every car as a war, miserable. For example, in some big popular units, regardless of the level of effort, and how to get the performance, benefits and rewards have what difference, so young, strong ability and high level are blessting, the rest are remnants of a rabble army, mediocrity, do things carelessly. This is also bad money drives out good money".

Examples of life phenomena of

through the examples of these real-life "bad money drives out good money", we put the diction of obscure economic laws, bad money drives out good money it got. So, in our shop is also the existence of bad money to expel good money phenomenon? "Bad money drives out good money", ""