in our lives, with the continuous improvement of economic level, the living conditions of many urban residents have been greatly improved, but there are still some of the city’s economic development is lagging behind. Winter is coming soon, in order to let the people in poor areas to spend a warm winter, Bazhong launched a series of new initiatives. In order to effectively prevent and deal with strong cooling and freezing weather, in recent days, Bazhong to strengthen measures to ensure the implementation of the relief measures in place, to protect the safety of the masses of the cold winter.

in-depth investigation, find out the base. Arrangements for the five working groups, in-depth counties (districts) for detailed investigation thoroughly, at the same time, to take the village statistics, township verification, county, city summary of the way to find out the actual needs of the masses. According to the survey, the city has 591 thousand and 200 people in need of assistance, which need food assistance to 485 thousand and 700 people, to rescue 115 thousand and 500 people need warm clothing, relief of 64 thousand and 300 people, 65 thousand and 400 people need other assistance. Formulate a plan, unified deployment.

Bazhong city development and issued "on the work programme" I earnestly, the difficulties of the masses safe and warm winter, clear work objectives, priorities and safeguard measures, from the organization and leadership, division of responsibilities, materials with and payment procedures and other aspects in detail.

integration of funds, reserve materials. The difficulties of the masses living and co-ordinate the use of relief funds, "poverty alleviation" activities to raise donations, a total purchase and reserve relief supplies 20 thousand blankets, 5000 cotton coats, shoes 1720 pairs, unlined 2000 sets, 5000 tents, 980 blankets, bed. To carry out activities, the sun issued.

special to carry out "go grassroots, warmth campaign, launched the civil administration system, government departments at all levels, in accordance with the principle of leaving the alpine region and remote mountainous areas, first arrange for other areas, to the poor and the poor people payment assistance funds, sent to the cotton coat, quilts and other materials in the cold winter.

at the same time, to carry out a comprehensive street "winter warmth" activities in the urban life without personnel activities in the region of 6 additional temporary relief sites, actively advise street life without vagrants and beggars accept assistance. This year, a total of 96 rescue operations vehicles (Taiwan) times, the staff of 370 people (Times), a total of rescue vagrants and Beggars of 635 people.

let the difficulties of the masses safe and warm winter, Bazhong has taken new measures for the protection of the basic living standards of the people is a very useful thing, but also for the construction of a harmonious society. The establishment of the steering group, in-depth counties (districts) and part of the municipal civil service agency supervision and inspections, comprehensive verification of the winter relief funding arrangements, and the use of relief supplies, distribution, work for the poor strict accountability, to ensure the safety of warm winter and effective work on recommendation