with the continuous strengthening of rural infrastructure, more and more entrepreneurial employment opportunities have been created. In order to encourage migrant workers to return home to start business, Chengdu entrepreneurs to provide the highest return of 100 thousand yuan secured loans.

to provide the maximum amount of 100 thousand yuan business loan guarantees, in line with the conditions of the home business park to enjoy the highest 3 million yuan subsidy funds…… The day before, the general office of the Chengdu Municipal People’s government issued the "opinions" on further improving migrant workers and other personnel to return home employment, increasing the masses concentrated residential areas and other key groups for poor people and migrant workers employment support measures, developed to support the return of venture employment five action plan".

views, to encourage and support the people returned home and utilize resources such as comparative advantage, the development of leisure agriculture, forest economy and rural tourism, promote the development of the 123 industry integration. Support policies to further improve. Returning migrant workers to start their own business, you can get 5000 yuan one-time venture subsidies, but also can get no more than $100 thousand of venture capital loans, enjoy financial discount, the loan period can be extended for 1 years, the extension does not discount. The establishment of labor-intensive small businesses, can be given the maximum amount of not more than 2 million yuan of venture capital loans, enjoy financial discount. Employment or employment registration certificate of employment of migrant workers to return to work, but also enjoy tax relief policies in accordance with the law.

in addition, for innovation and entrepreneurship support home business groups of new, after approval will be given subsidies, up to 3 million yuan. Free incubation incubator for entrepreneurs to provide incubation services, according to the incubation area of the planning area to give rent subsidies. After the identification of the relevant institutions, to carry out the return home entrepreneurship training can be given to 900 yuan per person subsidy, to carry out the simulation of real estate training can be given to each class of $800 subsidy.

returned entrepreneurs coming will provide adequate labor force for the economic development of the region, all types of business guarantee and subsidies quickly follow up, let returnees no worries, relaxed.

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