since the reform and opening up, although China’s economy has been greatly developed, but there are still some backward areas, slow economic development, people’s living standards to be improved. The local government of Zigong, in the face of the current situation of poverty, positive people oriented, from the reality of the majority of the people, to take a series of measures, 10 poor villages to achieve poverty alleviation of the 9924.

(1) improve the social security system. Establish minimum reveal all the details, poor staff support, medical assistance assistance policy, rural residents per capita subsidy level will be raised to 150 yuan; the innovation of "basic medical insurance + insurance + medical aid mode, will expand the scope of medical assistance of major diseases from 21 diseases to existing 30 diseases.

(2) to deepen the reform of social system. We will deepen the reform of household registration, employment, education, and so on, so as to enable the poor to enjoy basic public services with equal access to urban residents, and to build and share. At present, the city has implemented 2.3 more than 100 million yuan of funds for the weak schools of compulsory education comprehensive reform thin, the second phase of pre-school education three year action plan, participatory 11 thousand poor students.

(3) to build long-term poverty alleviation mechanism. Set up in the city, county, township three level party and government leaders as "poverty alleviation leading group of double head", progressively signed letters of responsibility, "military order", the formation of pressure stubble type work situation of poverty alleviation and development; innovation system mechanism, build the new agricultural business entities and poor households "and" Internet plus social poverty alleviation "etc. drive mechanism. The first half of the year, 10 poor villages in the city basically reach the "ST" standard, 9924 people out of poverty.

through the above information reports we can see that the Zigong in the face of poverty, three measures, mainly including: to perfect the social security system, deepen the reform of the social system, to build a long-term mechanism for poverty alleviation, in the implementation of a series of measures, Zigong local poverty has achieved remarkable results.

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