reasonable display, the overall image of the cosmetics store has a great impact, so if we open a cosmetics store, you can not ignore the display in this regard. Good cosmetic display, not only can enhance the level of the product, enhance the grade of the store, more conducive to attract customers into the store consumption. Here we introduce several common cosmetic shop into the column principle.

1,   was listed on the principles of attraction; products, especially for some high-end brand products, the general use of principles of attraction is the most effective, it can not only cause the attention of customers, and can be very good to the promotion of new products.

2, the principle of convenience   store display the most important thing is to be able to facilitate customers, the direction of the subject and the object, and the color of the package here can be a good reflection.

3, with the principle of   in the display of the product should be fully taken into account whether the product mix, so you can improve the shopping guide in the recommended products do joint promotion, can increase sales. A concept in the display can be introduced into clothing display, a single product on the shelf can have different collocation, should pay attention to cosmetic combination optimization, recommendation function to separate, so that customers will readily accept.

4  , the principle of profit; no matter what kind of shops, all their daily work is to be able to profit, "the cosmetics display will help increase sales of cosmetics shop" this is undoubtedly a nonsense, whether it is the cosmetics store or other industries are good, open its objective of each store very simple, is to sell, make money.

5, a principle of   in the commodity display, the most important thing is to meet the customer buying habits, only the position of goods displayed significant, eye-catching, can let the customer see at the goods to express the meaning, which is crucial. If you don’t understand what your customer wants to display, it’s a waste of money.

every cosmetics shop owner are hoping to improve their store performance, so in many ways, the display of this piece is all the more important. The cosmetics store wants to make the display of products, also need to pay attention to a lot of skills, these five principles, let you store because the display of products and add luster, attract consumer.