was in college, my spare time than class time more than high school to college is much easier, you can find something to do in their spare time, or time wasted pity, so what are the students in the school are more suitable for the job, Xiao Bian today take you a look.

college students how to make money: tutor

tutor, the most common way to make money. College students are living in an ivory tower, God’s favored one, but also has its own unavoidable weaknesses: there is no practical experience, the lack of real skills. College students how to make money, therefore, college students can only find their familiar areas to make money. As a college student, previously learned knowledge is the most familiar to them, but also the most adept at. Family education is one of the best choices, but also the most accepted by college students.

how to make money:

writes, the most enviable open source approach. Some fluent and quick witted students for newspapers and magazines and even some websites as writer, rewarding, and can quickly improve the visibility, the most enviable. College students how to make money, now some of the newspaper article in 1000 100 yuan, a month to write a few thousand small, living expenses would be covered. Some will be in the hands of the pen wandezhuan master, dedicated to some fashion magazines or documentary, remuneration is alarmingly high. Therefore, some students will learn to write articles to newspapers and magazines contribute to subsidize their own living expenses.

college students how to make money: translation

translation, the most decent way to make money. Translation of foreign language materials, it can be said that the Department of foreign language or higher level of college students the best way to income. The return of high and low, relatively low interpretation, translation. How to make money in college students, due to the lack of professional knowledge of college students, subject to greater restrictions, not many people can engage in this work.

college students how to make money: sell

marketing, the most challenging job. College students do part-time jobs in a wide range, some in the company as a part-time clerk, and some part-time in the service industry as a waiter. Students do no lack of such people. College students how to make money, marketing is a very exciting and challenging work, very suitable for those who have a strong desire for success.

college students how to make money: shop

shop, the most common way to make money. College students, on the one hand, can make full use of College Students’ customer resources; on the other hand, due to familiar with the consumption habits of peers, so easy entry. College students how to make money, is due to take the student route, so rely on cheap to attract customers. In addition, due to limited funds, not recommended