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era of development, social progress, but it is unable to change the spoil the child, not to spoil the child before give children enough material, but now every family are rich, that invest in a baby store you can earn huge profits!

from market data analysis: China’s city of neonatal supplies family average monthly consumption of 900 yuan. Coupled with the vast number of rural areas in the city of infant consumption, China’s infant supplies market will be more than 100 billion yuan a year market size.

the management form stores some excellent quality, moderate price brand children’s products, baby products will become the mainstream market in the future.

The starting point of

the current investment in the domestic brands of infant supplies stores have been higher, in general should be about 15-25 million. However, due to the brand management is the form of the product quality can be strictly guaranteed, and more lucrative.

to do business, the market is always the sales leader, currently has such a huge consumer groups in the market Chinese baby, is bound to an unprecedented, open a baby supplies store so you yibenwanli!