is now a lot of people are using the Internet business, but not everyone can start a business success. And there is a serious problem is that the use of the Internet to start a lot of people are choosing to open an online shop, of course, today we want to say is a successful children’s Web site.

Beijing a rainy spring afternoon, Courbevoie network founder Yang Wei sitting in the dark horse brother before talking. 2004 graduated from the prestigious Xi’an Jiao Tong University, Yang Wei, step by step into the IT enterprises Tencent, and he was also recruited as well as the founder of the rice network has now listed Wang Haibing. After Yang in Tencent do sales and business too observant of conventional standards., working is five years, but in March 2009 he chose to venture away, the reason is very simple, his fatherhood during early childhood to her one year old daughter made a difficult, "the turn to turn to see that kid’s cartoon is either" "black cat Sheriff" gourd ", or work abroad; open web search, also found no useful information on what."

if the above reason boils down to business "good father", the following one or more realistic incentives: above Wang Haibing founded the children’s entertainment website rice network in 2007, and run fast, its web game Moore Park at the beginning of 2009 registered users has reached 40 million people. However, with Wang’s 5-15 year old children interactive entertainment product positioning is different, Yang Wei chose the age of 0-6 years of age of children, his reason is this.

"at the time of early education industry practitioners basically is to kindergarten teachers and booksellers, I realized the interactive capabilities of the Internet and mobile phone or will transform the entire early education industry, and my advantage is."

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"usually we think of the way is to improve the flow of money to buy advertising and keywords, the problem is that in addition to the money and what valuable things can change. Internet is a good lack of content, traditional companies do not want to put good content on the Internet, but we have provided early