dumplings everyone loves to eat, dumplings shop everywhere, open dumplings shop is also the idea of many entrepreneurs. Why some dumpling shop business is hot, some shops but business light? Today, Xiao Bian interview to 70 year old Liu Fengrong, let her come to share the secret of the dumpling shop business.

in Shenzhen these days particularly cold weather, King North a supermarket a very small dumpling chain before the cabinet, to dinner when they lined up here, all hand site manufacturing Luoyang hometown taste fresh dumplings exceptionally popular.   after several times, we finally know the shop owner’s unique way to make money dumplings.

stressed hometown taste

materials are very harsh

very harsh materials is one of the key markets like the old lady Liu made dumplings.

at the manufacturing site, liulaotai told reporters, the secondary is to ensure the best use of the flour and oil as raw materials to buy meat, lean meat and pick forelegs in one day at least two times to buy, so as to ensure that the meat taste and novel.

"in the food industry, a customer can eat a bad stomach, all over the body." Liu said she would rather reduce profits, but also adhere to the use of the best raw materials, the implementation of the most stringent processing.

liulaotai the deepest impression is that a customer once bought 6 pounds of dumpling to send as far away as Japan’s daughter. How to open a dumpling shop? Liu old lady leak, the whole hand made in the field is the biggest feature, is also the biggest selling point: the scene of the production of dumplings skin, soft, will not open, and very flexible, very tendons, especially good package. To make this kind of dumpling skin, must use special tools, on the shape, thickness have strict requirements, 3 pieces of skin must be controlled between 24 grams -26 grams."