now college students have become the main force of entrepreneurship, many college students and entrepreneurs in the process of entrepreneurship also often encounter many problems, entrepreneurship, the first to handle documents how to handle? How to deal with various links? The following is a small collection of information for college students to learn to use.

A, business license:

(a), the registration of the establishment of

1, the applicant (the person in charge, the same below) must be a person who has the ability to work in cities and towns, such as the unemployed persons in the cities and towns, the villagers in the countryside, and other personnel permitted by the state policies;

2, a fixed place of business;

3, laws, regulations, rules and regulations of the other conditions (by the management personnel to the applicant in writing and inform the legal basis);

(two), the registration of changeThe change of

(three), the cancellation of registration

three, apply for the "business license" must be submitted to the file:

(a), registration shall submit the documents of

1, signed by the applicant to apply for business registration;

2, application registration form;

3, a copy of the applicant’s identity certificate;

4, the applicant’s employment status certificate (unemployment certificate, work permit or manual of employment, unemployed certificate, retirement certificate, laid-off certificate, suspension of resignation and other proof of a copy of the certificate);

5, the health status of the certificate: (50 year old male, female 45 years old from the recommended)