with the development of society, women do not play the role of dependent family. In modern society, the number of girls more and more entrepreneurs, this article summarizes the project for the girl’s business, I hope to be successful in 2013.

now, with different levels of foreign language training school in the leading position, from senior white-collar workers, University to pupils even preschool children are members of foreign language training in the army. Foreign language training market lucrative, but also attracted many investors. According to industry estimates, only the annual foreign language training in Beijing output value of more than 1 billion yuan. It is understood that the city of Beijing, a variety of small and large English training classes, test counseling classes are increasing at an annual rate of 60%. The high return of simultaneous interpreters and the lack of such schools have made Beijing a handful of simultaneous translation training schools.

position should be selected in the park near or relatively prosperous area, the facade is not too big, there are 2 rooms will be. Spend a lot of soil processing plant is also a line, there are 100-200 square meters of space can be. Need to hire an expert to flower soil, according to the characteristics of various kinds of flowers, with flower soil containing different amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic or inorganic fertilizer variety, to meet the needs of a variety of flowers of the 3-4 to hire a worker, buy 1 tricycles, average production according to flower soil 2-4 cubic. One year accumulative total about 10000 cubic meters of soil can flower. According to the current market spend about 200 yuan per cubic meter of soil, with annual sales of about $200 thousand, to remove the rent, fertilizer, water, electricity, wages and other costs, net profit of 6-10 million, the market prospect is extremely attractive. Can also be sold at the same time, while selling a