is now the spring of science and technology entrepreneurship, more entrepreneurs are followed by the growth of the industry chain. Want to do poineering work in the era of the creation of their own business, it is necessary to use knowledge, with the power of science and technology, and now you are now in need of innovative science and technology talent?

9, headquartered in Zhongguancun, hit off the hard egg space experience held by the Department of intelligent hardware salon and combat Kunpeng entrepreneurial business conference. Intelligent hardware enterprises, investment institutions, industry experts gathered, concerned about the development of intelligent hardware innovation and potential mining field in china.

"technology innovation in spring, intelligent hardware such technology innovation is the best way to the integration of Internet and traditional industries, industry is in the air, to promote industrial upgrading of great significance." Chen Ronggen, founder of the customer base, said. With the continuous innovation and breakthroughs in image processing technology, quantum computing, AR/VR, depth learning technology, intelligent machines and artificial intelligence is about to lead a new generation of intelligent terminal technology outbreak."

entrepreneurship camp will provide systematic solution for the camp’s intelligent hardware entrepreneurs, investment from incubation to product design, supply chain management, marketing and other services industry resources, build a full range of hardware entrepreneurial ecology.

"entrepreneurship is actually running, if not long time, you will feel a little cold, a fever. But if you are based on the long term, focus on a technology, whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter is to adhere to do according to their own pace, we are willing to support such entrepreneurs, we call value creation." Chen Ronggen said.

technologies has become a popular commodity, regardless of their choice or the choice of employment, entrepreneurship, believe they can create brilliant entrepreneurs now the biggest weapon is knowledge, innovative thinking is.



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