a lot of young people are eager to go to the civil service exam, test village, hoping to have an iron rice bowl, there is a stable life, but there is a person, he wanted to understand, he wants to start a business. He is a college student village official Ge Zhendong Hangzhou.

"college-graduate village official? What can they do? Eat bitter?" New village villagers think so. To tell you the truth, Ge Zhendong was not at the end of his mind.

this two years, focus has changed from "going down" to "well done" to support entrepreneurship, college-graduate village official.

from above, the new hall is a leaf shape, "floating" in the heart of the Fuchun River.

"Sibao", commonly known as shinsa refers here abounds in peanuts, corn, potatoes and carrots.

"Xiaoge, how you Tian?" The introduction of a large Lotus Village, greeted enthusiastically.

"when the village, everyone is familiar with, this is the most basic." Ge Zhendong said to me, "at the beginning of the time, who are not familiar with, the villagers have views on us, a variety of views."