a lot of people are willing to believe that love is very good, therefore, the debt of 200 thousand pairs of vegetative girlfriend never betray the story touched thousands of friends. But what is the truth of the matter? Beat his girlfriend on their care, there is such a thing as destroyed three concept.

"borrow 200 thousand of the vegetable story, never abandon his girlfriend" interpretation is "hold your hand, and son" the legend of love. Wake up a girlfriend and the amazing insider! The sense of "Crazy" boyfriend Liu Feng and mysteriously disappeared. Where did he go? Did the girl’s injury have anything to do with him? Was it an accident or a murder? Things are complicated and the truth is confusing!

2015 January, vegetative girl Lin Yingying in the hospital for nearly half a year of treatment, the condition is stable and can be discharged.

"city buildings and the environment temperature is better than rural areas, but also to the recovery of her daughter’s condition." It is with this idea, Yingying was discharged directly after her boyfriend Liu Feng and took back the temporary rental housing in Wafangdian City city. Although Liu Feng and her daughter’s intimate care, but because of her daughter can not rest assured, Lin father Lin Shuqing repeatedly visited her daughter’s residence.

"Yingying, to tell you the truth, your illness is what happened, how will the unprovoked fell so heavy?" since the daughter hospital started every time Lin Shuqing asked Liu Feng and Yingying is how to fall, Liu Feng and always hesitant. The doctor said, can break the skull, at least fell from the five floor. Yingying gradually stabilized until after discharge, Liu Feng and Lin family’s attitude is very cold or even extreme, these are so confused Lin Shuqing.