believe that many people should have such a shopping experience, you buy is not a rare commodity, but after the salesperson introduction, but can become "it should only be the sky, earth rarely heard several times" treasure, everyone in listening is not to laugh or cry after? So, if a business process may not be approved to adding the trimmings.

to go to other provinces and friends, at present I think of our specialty jujube in northern shaanxi. One day, my wife and I went to a large supermarket, entered the jujube sales area. Before we look carey, suddenly went up to several promoters, everyone said how good, how will your date is pure, this is the usual fruit that miraculous, but does not make people feel good.

although it is really necessary to sell their goods to customers, however, to introduce customers to the goods, the need to be concise, rather than gushing, to give customers enough time to think, to judge. When customers need advice, operators must from the objective of avoid unrealistic, as if it were raining flowers. Business to customer enthusiasm, promote the commodity should be courteous and accessible language, the principle of seeking truth from facts, that avoid adding the trimmings.