good service can bring good business opportunities, now all walks of life are the same, in recent years the rapid development of the hotel industry, many entrepreneurs to open their own hotel Road, so the hotel chain which matters needing attention, the following small for everyone: Chen Miaolin will introduce the hotel chain "first" entrepreneurial experience.

"good service will change people’s consumption habits, improve the service level of a region." Nctg chairman Chen Miaolin says. The love of cycling, playing golf, swimming Zhejiang, Zhejiang is also engaged in the Turisthotellet industry in the first person".

25 years ago, from the Xiaoshan Bureau of supplies transferred to the general manager of Xiaoshan Hotel, Chen Miaolin 33 years old. He started from the service, is committed to changing the face of this government Hostel, there was a bit emotional, do not want to go. But since the next task, it is necessary to do a good job." Chen Miaolin looks back.

"when the waitress to guest ‘hello’, guests will feel strange:" I’m not good who is good? " After a period of time, the waiter used to say hello, and the guests have adapted to this kind of greeting." Chen Miaolin said with a smile.

2000, the last batch of state owned enterprises in Xiaoshan. Chen Miaolin price of 60 million yuan to buy all the shares of new century tourism, and make the business to extend downwards. Kaiyuan development of the basic model is to be secured by the hotel bank funds, and then carry out real estate development, but the premise is to ensure the stability of the shop every year. Prior to the construction of the hotel all rely on their own funds to expand, slow pace. After 2005, Kaiyuan modeled on foreign hotel business model, the output of brand management.

"Kaiyuan to their previous investment in the development of the hotel, in recent years, focusing on the development of hotel management management, output." Zhejiang’s most adept at changing strain, Chen Miaolin is no exception. Over the years, he has been exploring new roads. The 18 hotel opened in 2012 of new century tourism, 16 is the management. The new century park tourism resort complex project has also introduced the world’s most popular and most popular family short holiday park model to recommend