will be Internet plus applied to the tourism industry, is to promote local economic development? Recently in Zhejiang, in order to "snare magical landscapes Wenzhou legend Tour" as the theme of the ninth session (· China; Wenzhou) Tourism Festival and the 2017 tourism destination marketing conference opened in Zhejiang, Wenzhou.

deputy director of National Tourism Bureau Li Shihong, deputy director of the service center director Li Jian, deputy director of the Department of planning and Finance Information Center Wu Kefeng, Xin Hongye, Chinese Internet Association Vice President Gao Lu Lin, Provincial Tourism Bureau deputy party secretary, deputy director, inspector Fu Wei, Wenzhou City Vice Mayor Miao Weilun and other leaders and related enterprises, universities, media representatives a total of more than 300 people gathered in Wenzhou to discuss the "Travel + Internet" integration of new development path.

Li Shihong said in his speech, the Internet is to change the means of this society, and tourism is to change the way the society, both have two common characteristics, one is everywhere, the two is a powerful engine. While vigorously promoting the global tourism, as a tourist, should call for information, ing.

promote the integration development of them, not only to focus on promoting the growth of tourism consumption, we should pay more attention to leveraging the tourism supply side reforms; not only pay attention to the tourism, we must pay more attention to the global tourism; not only pay attention to enterprise products, we must pay more attention to the tourism public service.

should not only pay attention to information technology in the horizontal use of tourism, but also pay attention to information technology in the field of tourism vertical development. Wenzhou Tourism Festival is China wisdom tourism and global tourism research important research platform, the platform, is a tourism and the Internet will better meet, believe that as the "Travel + Internet" development to create more useful reference.

said a walk on the go so many people heart, a lot of people will be plagued by a variety of factors, missed a lot of opportunities to relax. The current of Tourism Festival by the National Tourism Administration Information Center, Chinese Internet association guidance, Wenzhou Municipal People’s government and the Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Bureau jointly organized, jointly hosted by the Wenzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau and the Zhejiang provincial tourism information center.

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