people in the service industry to understand that a truth is the most important consumer experience, to the customer in the process of giving the best and most satisfactory service, which is the store must pay attention to the place. Because this is the key to determine whether you run a business success or not rich.


as a consumer, buy a drink, can give the evaluation is good to drink, do not drink, too sweet or too light, too expensive or is also cost-effective and so on, in a word, for the evaluation of drinks is not bad or good. Facing the customer put forward various evaluation of this, let the beverage stores business at a loss, customers are not the same, everyone’s tastes are different standards, they can not meet the demands of all customers, beverage stores to do a range of customer experience


how to do a good job in the consumer beverage consumer experience degree

personally think that for the drinks evaluation, should not be limited to the taste of it, the price is so simple, we want to show what kind of drinks to the customer, can let the customer enjoy what kind of consumer experience, drinks in applications at the beginning should take into account these issues, good customer experience is helpful to drink plus.

customers before the real drink a cup of drink, his eyes, nose, ears, hands will happen, break it down, the eyes see is the name, concept, materials, processes, sanitation, glass design, color, smell is fragrant, the ear is propaganda, introduction, finally taste is the taste. Of course, you may say that the most important thing is the taste, this is undeniable, but other factors are also the quality of the customer experience and the bonus factor.

name and concept of publicity and rendering, may be the first time for customers to buy the reasons for the qualitative. Maybe this time he saw not simply delicious, but "health" or "beauty", "thin", "strange" and "personality". For example, a lot of our health tea series, beauty, beauty, slimming, replenishment, and we can make tea tea series, oral retention fruit, and health beauty, this time is the second taste.

The use of

raw materials, more and more attention by the customer. How to let the customer experience to your raw material is made, how to let the customer know the safety of raw materials and fresh, has become an irreversible trend. The initiative to show up, so that customers experience, dispel doubt can add points.

Visualization of

operations. For example, hand drill, squeezed, can increase the added value of the products, packaging design, outstanding design flagship product, is also an important link with the beverage color constitute the sale of products, good color, outstanding collocation, can cause customers to a single point, and the drinking desire. Environmental hygiene of the store