delicious barbecue joins in the choice of the project, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, no doubt, is a very wise choice. Seven public arena barbecue join? Join the seven rivers and lakes barbecue which join the advantage?

many characteristics of food and beverage management companies still insist on innovation, excellence, the food and beverage team to develop a new system every month, but also set a "innovative, pragmatic, harmonious, open" business philosophy.

seven public arena barbecue with its unique technology, characteristics and innovation has gradually developed into a very unique brand, attracting a large number of venture capitalists to join the investigation, set off a storm catering industry.

features catering to join what advantage? As a catering management, catering, join the promotion execution and maintenance, management, marketing, management of local investment analysis, site preparation, decoration design, personnel recruitment and training, supporting materials, food and beverage store technical training, teachers shop business guidance, import VIS the brand image of the system for the franchisee, TCS customer satisfaction system, set of brand management model output, catering service marketing consulting…… Allows you to experience the real comprehensive professional support.

we will keep interactive communication with you, give you the most sincere, perfect, strong service and support for you to feel the characteristics of double Jianbao is the most powerful arm of the franchisee. Seven rivers and lakes barbecue has now developed into a specialty food and beverage industry to join the well-known enterprises, has its own R & D base, training base, logistics and distribution centers and other facilities.

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