no one is willing to get into trouble, but the retail business is dealing with all kinds of customers, trouble is inevitable. Most retailers do not want but often encounter some trouble, these all kinds of trouble, if not handled properly, and may be caused by the general dispute as the larger conflict, which affects the store reputation and business, how should we deal with it?

does not evade the responsibility not retreat. Merchants for any trouble thing can not avoid not retreat, rational traveled the world, explain, for the customer to reflect the situation of Daniel, to win customer understanding convincing. If the merchant is indeed their own problems, to corrections, the courage to bear responsibility for the customer the corresponding compensation, so that the integrity of business air plant.

knowledge of cigarette products. If you encounter some consumers, because of the cold or drink spirits, eat spicy food, usually smoked to smoke judgment distortion, mistakenly think that there is a problem with your selling cigarette quality, can know how to identify genuine and fake cigarette cigarette products and other knowledge, explain to the customer.

encounter returns, clever response. If his cigarette with the customers on the spot to return, businesses must have a sincere apology and replaced with other specifications or with the price of cigarettes to consumers, even with a lighter or other small commodities show sincerity, and that will find out smoke improper reasons, let the customer feel valued.

treats deliberately finding fault customers, should pick up the legal weapons to protect the rights and interests of. Some customers often seize the merchants are done, the psychological buy Friendliness is conducive to business success., that is really smoke cigarettes. If you do not firmly safeguard their rights, I am afraid that such a thing will happen in the future. This time, businesses can not be soft, when hard hard, firmly showed the tobacco monopoly retail license, and on the spot to ask local Tobacco Monopoly Bureau staff on-site identification, ensure if identified as counterfeit cigarettes to compensate ten, let the customers who have nothing to find fault consciously helpless.

is in trouble, you need to deal with a positive response, so that the business will be able to better long-term business. No matter what treatment, merchants should use smiling attitude and sincere heart, listen carey to the customer complain, put yourself in the position of the other side, the customer refused to unreasonable demands to euphemism, do not conflict with the positive customers, so as to resolve the other grievances, to win customer recognition.

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