hunger breeds discontentment, every day we have to eat, also let the more rapid development of catering industry, this industry is worth considering, as we all know, the catering industry has broad prospects for development, the profit space is very broad, in this development scenario, how there will be tens of thousands of restaurants closed, the biggest reason is that the restaurant managers do not know how to operate. In fact, the reasons for the failure of the restaurant business as well as the following six, along with small series to see it.


delusions of supreme power, insight, value, power, knowledge, identity, etc.. Driven by this idea, the patient will deliberately change the way of life to meet the delusion, become extravagant, arrogant, fanatical. Delusions may have religious content, such as the belief that they have special messages from the gods.

operating in a small town of less than 200 square meters, the daily running water but about $2000, but now they have to engage in franchising, the foundation has not played, on the bigger and stronger. Every successful restaurant brands are to Lianhaoneigong dishes hard life, service is not dead, the management system, so that there is a chance of success. A lot of unrealistic ideas, very little work.

inconstant in policy contradictions, let employees know what to do. Who knows what the boss is true? The so-called no joke, say that you can’t discuss it. Small and medium restaurants to see their own reality, do a good job.

night blindness

think the business environment will not change, immersed in minor in amuse themselves, once the values appeared in the "dark horse", was at a loss what to do. In recent years, the rise of real estate zaochengyundong, often appear in the old district, New District forming die, do not see this change, no end of trouble for the future. Night blindness is an important reason for catering business losses, but also multiple diseases.


clearly tell customers, collect a 12% off, but to the hands of customers, has become a 2% off. He also drinks: What one says is plausible. do not discount, do not discount the seafood, the staple food is not discounted…… The vast majority of catering enterprises, do is repeat business. Customers can not be deceived.

and business positioning inaccurate, do not know what the customer needs? Do not know what they sell? The complexity of the simple idea is the performance of the wrong argument.


enterprise product line has lost the ability to attract customers, companies are not profitable in trouble. The hope in the world all varieties of all income recipes recommended