modern people want to understand the history, the way is nothing more than from the historical collections, as well as understanding of the works of art, to give people a deep impression. Many of the scenes and the content of the original paintings depicting the Qing Dynasty in Guangzhou in the United States, the first important research China expert Williams "China remarks", can find the corresponding records."

"Thirteen Guangzhou Museum of painting has a set of up to 60 of the painting line drawing, showing the marketplace business Guangzhou, the Pearl River Delta region and the Chinese." Cheng Cunjie introduction. The most valuable is that each painting on the left Chinese label, 60 pieces of line drawing become the most intuitive expression of 60 different industries. The reporter saw 60 paintings include fishing, fishing, firewood and sell bamboo shoots, lo, barber Aberdeen, sell cloth, blankets, pressure to sell radish white garlic. In particular, the name of each painting right corner in dialect writing business.

"these lines include production, entertainment, commodity trading and services, etc., indicating that in nineteenth Century Guangzhou commercial prosperity, these lines vividly reproduced the city of Guangzhou." Cheng Cunjie said.


reporter saw a street sale of paintings, the picture on the right, a middle-aged man sitting in the marked "Conghua source" sign of the drum side, stood the buyer is called oil barrel. And the left side of the screen is a passing flower girl, wearing a red dress, head of a shallow Dazhu box, which covered with flowers. Cheng Cunjie said, such a scene in the flower, rice has appeared several times.

in addition, the reporter noted that in more than and 600 pieces of pith paintings, there is a "champion", the whole picture and British Chinese Mr. Zhao Tailai donated to the Guangzhou Museum paintings "," the Annunciation is exactly the same, only on the desktop on the vase floral pattern made a small change. In the picture, there is a two in the imperial examination work rapidly ran into the house, an officer holding hands red "victory", sent to the young person, another officer kneel down his left leg holding hands red "in the news" sent to the father……

on the memory of Guangzhou, people said they would go to the history museum to see what. In order to study appears in the nineteenth Century paintings on the business process in the United States last Cunjie missionary Williams wrote "Chinese remarks" to find proof. In addition to all walks of life craftsmen, in the back of the mountains of the sea of Guangzhou, in addition to the ship as an important tool for the production of transport, but also part of the people living in Guangzhou.

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