we all know, Yunnan Kunming is more than a large amount of tea, is also a famous coffee, today, Yunnan Kunming Yunnan International Coffee Trading Center, which means that the coffee industry in Yunnan to further optimize the reorganization, so that more people can come here to trade, stimulate economic growth.

the opening ceremony, Yunnan International Coffee Trading Center and Huaxia Bank, CITIC Bank, bank Chinese, Fudian bank four financial institutions signed a credit agreement, the credit amount more than 10 billion yuan; at the same time, signed a supply agreement with the international buyers and domestic suppliers of coffee coffee.

the signing of these agreements, on behalf of the international coffee trade center in Yunnan in the future development of the road to lay a solid foundation. This marks the opening of the Yunnan international coffee trade center to open a new door to international operations, but also for the international coffee market to build a platform to enter the Chinese market.

as the predecessor of Yunnan International Coffee Trading Center, Yunnan Coffee Trading Center has become a national green economic demonstration zone green product elements of the market key projects. Yunnan Coffee Trading Center has successy completed the international standards, the Yunnan real coffee into a global boutique coffee field, make more and more coffee in Yunnan to enter the international market with high quality, formed in the west coast of the United States, South Korea, Japan, Australia and the Pacific coast and Europe as the core of the international market sales channels in Beijing, Shanghai; Guangzhou, the more than and 20 center of Yunnan to taste the coffee trading center as the core of the domestic market channels, build domestic market marketing system, it is a bridge and the origin of the domestic consumer market.


Yunnan International Coffee Trading Center, will be officially to China Everbright coffee farmers entrepreneurship, let their pockets from the rich, thus stimulating the economic growth of Yunnan, let Yunnan Kunming become a new port in Yunnan Province, further to create their own coffee characteristics, to attract attention.

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