for young people nowadays love to wear jewelry, therefore, to drive the development of the jewelry market, bring enormous business opportunities for the industry, young people are more love to buy jewelry, especially some love couples choose meaningful jewelry as a souvenir again good however, as if to open a jewelry how about the franchise? How to operate it? Today we will introduce.

selection of brands and products

to choose a good location to store

Let the store out of the ordinary

Jewelry Art Exhibition

Jewelry display mode is not the same, showing the effect is not the same. I think a couple of the best jewelry stores is an open display form is open selling so-called self-service shelving, or at least a part of the jewelry is such decoration, because such devices can provide the most comfortable choice for customers. In addition, according to the relevant research, for customers, the best visual area in the range of 80 cm (up and down, left and right length).

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