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done octopus balls practice:

The first step of

: a potato peel, slice, put the steamer steamed.

second steps: eggs scattered, flour and bread crumbs each put a larger disk backup.

The third step:

small octopus washed into the boiling water hot moment picked up sichuan.

fourth steps: the small octopus cut into small granular.

fifth step: the steamed potatoes with a fork into mud.

sixth steps: put the octopus, young salt and black pepper powder.

seventh steps: mix them well and serve as mashed potatoes.

the eighth step: wear a one-time gloves wipe a little oil, with a small spoon to take a spoonful of mashed potatoes put palm rub round.

the ninth step: the mashed potatoes wrapped in a layer of flour.

tenth step: and then coated with a layer of egg liquid.

the eleventh step: put bread crumbs into bread crumbs.

twelfth steps: 6,7 into hot oil, fry until golden yellow.

thirteenth step: Delicious [coke version Octopus burn]

fourteenth steps: trim, squeeze a little salad dressing.

fifteenth steps: pour a little light according to the burning sauce, fish slices, Qinghai moss.

The sixteenth step:

teriyaki sauce: 1 cups of water to boil, add soy sauce and a half tablespoons oyster sauce, 1 tablespoons sugar, 1 tablespoons sesame oil 1 tsp, mix and then add a little salt, black pepper, then pour into the mixed 1 tablespoons cornstarch water thicken is [1 tablespoon teriyaki sauce].

finally: start to enjoy the octopus cooked by yourself

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