in November 1st, in the Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of the active organization and coordination, the central green and provincial media reporter group came to the north of the city comprehensive service center for disabled people interviewed.
as a set of rehabilitation training, rehabilitation knowledge popularization, employment skills training and guidance, psychological counseling, culture and entertainment, care service as one of the integrated service agencies, the center is provided with a craft studio, education training room, reading room, rehabilitation training room, training room, computer painting the music room, dance room, printing room, psychological counseling room, room care centers, restaurants and other services, equipped with all kinds of barrier free facilities.
the center will be disabled, all in order to serve for the disabled service for the purpose, committed to the implementation of the cause of the disabled "equality, participation and sharing" the objective, wholeheartedly provides the high-quality service for the disabled, to build a center as supporting their equal participation in social life, sharing the fruits of social development and warm family circle, social cohesion all forces, continue to promote the development of people with disabilities progress platform.