from April 24th to 26, the municipal health bureau party secretary, Liu Haonian, director of the Yushu disaster area to guide medical rescue and health and epidemic prevention work. Comrade Liu in Yushu heard the work of medical rescue teams and health and epidemic prevention teams stationed in Yushu since the disaster. When the rescue team, medical and health and epidemic prevention team to overcome the alpine, brave the wind and dew, accommodation, food shortages and other difficulties, in serious physical overdraft situation, the implementation of screening, intravenous infusion, debridement and dressing treatment of 2153 people, wounded 59 heavy transport for the injured people; health and epidemic prevention team to the disaster area the key environmental disinfection area up to more than 30 thousand and 500 square meters, about 66 flights, 412 ambulances were disinfected, to more than 5500 victims of health prevention knowledge and health education, more than 10000 copies of promotional materials. Medical rescue team was the scene of the ACFTU awarded the pioneer workers honorary title, Liu hopeyear said: our rescue team and the health and epidemic prevention team, a unified leadership of the provincial government, municipal government and the municipal health bureau Party committee under the condition of abnormal, in difficult circumstances, a series of massive work, strong support for the earthquake relief work. Bureau Party committee to fight in the disaster areas of medical, epidemic prevention, logistics and service of all members of the team to pay tribute and gratitude. At present, the earthquake relief work is still in a critical stage, the treatment of the wounded, especially health and epidemic prevention work is facing a severe situation, medical rescue and health and epidemic prevention team is also facing a more difficult test. Bureau Party committee called on all rescue and epidemic prevention team, according to the unified deployment of the earthquake relief headquarters, continue to carry forward the fear of fatigue, continuous fighting, bravery of the fine style of work, overcome difficulties, scientific rescue, scientific prevention. The rescue team and the health and epidemic prevention team to establish a temporary Party group or Party branch, Party members should play an exemplary vanguard role, all the team members to unite, to strictly abide by the national policy, closely rely on the local Party committee and government, to overcome difficulties, the successful completion of the party and the government to our glorious mission, make a greater contribution to better for earthquake relief.