with the impact of the financial crisis gradually weakened, the city business and employment gradually warming from the cold, the reporter from the City Labor Department learned that the first three quarters of the city business and employment has remained stable for 4 needy companies to give more than 1200 yuan subsidy.

since the fourth quarter of last year, the impact of the global financial crisis, some of the city’s production decline, reduce demand for labor, business is more difficult, the employment pressure will increase. In response to these new problems and difficulties, the provincial and municipal governments have issued a series of stable employment and reduce the burden on enterprises. From 1 to September this year, the city actively help the affected by the financial crisis, the implementation of "a slow, one drop, two subsidies" measures of enterprises in difficulty is bigger, the unemployment insurance a over 368 thousand yuan, involving 1586 people; the reduction of unemployment insurance premium is 3 million 480 thousand yuan, involving 72 thousand employees; identified the conditions to meet the Xining Special Steel Group 4 households operating temporary difficulties of the enterprise to enjoy social security subsidies (or job subsidies) 12 million 580 thousand yuan, involving 4382 employees.