opening soon, the city Department of Education issued the "notice on the issuance of Xining in violation of occupation moral behavior treatment of primary and secondary school teachers" (referred to as the "notice"), focusing on the city’s 23 teachers for violations and treatments of occupation morals of the detailed provisions.

teachers who have one of the following actions, depending on the nature and circumstances, harm, giving a warning, demerits, demerits, lower grade, professional and technical positions of revocation of professional and technical posts or administrative duties punishment; violate the criminal law, transferred to judicial organs to investigate: (a) the date of work not leave out or leave no time to leave., unexcused tardiness; (two) do not arrive on time, delay, absenteeism, leave, no lesson plans, incorrigible; (three) smoking in the classroom, the use of communication tools; (four) at work or workplace drinking, playing mahjong, playing poker, playing computer games, such as stocks. Work matters; (five) to participate in or support of pornography, gambling, superstition and other activities; (six) to a large number of students mechanical repetition, copy and punitive for Industry; (seven) without careful preparation, class homework and counseling, did not complete the task of teaching work on time; (eight) open arrangement of student achievement ranking and according to the results of row seating; (nine) to impose corporal punishment and corporal punishment in disguise and other physical and mental harm to the students, causing serious injury (ten of the student body and mind;) in case of emergencies in teaching activities, does not fulfill the duty to protect the personal safety of students; (eleven) abridged for students to learn and participate in the activities of rights in school; (twelve) in violation of the provisions of or participate in paid tutor, mess class, mandatory or compulsory paid makeup; (thirteen) language not acting civilization, don’t dress properly, a behavior or performance are not commensurate with the identity of teachers; (fourteen) the use of authority and will work to students or parents to ask for or a claim of property, then By the students and parents banquets, gifts or other profit behavior; (fifteen) to promote teaching material to students or parents and student activities; (sixteen) mobilization, transfer, forcing students to drop out, resulting in the loss of students; (seventeen) subject to effective complaints or inspection found in violation of teachers’ occupation moral behavior; (eighteen) the implementation of sexual harassment of students or improper relationship with the students; (nineteen) at enrollment, examination, evaluation, post evaluation, research and scientific research, resort to deceit malpractice; (twenty) in the school, the education administrative department or other organs, enterprises and institutions to make trouble or disturb; (twenty-one) teachers, students and parents to incite trouble, seriously affect the normal order of the school of education, causing adverse effects in society; (two Twelve) dereliction of duty, resulting in a greater responsibility for the accident; (twenty-three) there are other violations of moral norms.