every year in July and August is the peak season of summer tourism in our province, and this year’s summer visitors to Xining is coming early, too much, and stay long, Xining has become the best choice for summer travel summer. Stay in Xining at the time, many tourists also take counties as part of their tour, state and county with the summer of a fire.

18, reporters in the county were interviewed a visitor from Anhui and one from Chongqing tourists, "I come fast half a month, went to Qinghai Lake, also went to the Tongren Regong Art National Historical and cultural city, and Kumbum Monastery, Gautama temple, Ma Chang Yuan Tubo tombs and ruins, hot water Longwu Temple, Sanjiang source, Meng Da Tianchi and other scenic spots and Beishan and Kanbula, kite ditch, Cha Han River National Forest Park, the Qinghai scenery looked really hauntingly. We compared to Anhui, I came to Xining customs is the greatest feeling the cool climate, quiet environment, enthusiasm, I think the travel trip." When a reporter asked about the feelings of tourists in Qinghai, Mr. Pei in Anhui tourism, Pei praised, and said he was going to go to the state of Xining and then look around. Tourists from Hubei Ms. Zhang said: "originally planned to play three days in Xining, Xining did not expect so cool, are reluctant to leave, we are a family of three to go to Datong and Guide play a week." In recent years, along with the increasing and improving Xining city accommodation, tourist attractions and other tourism related facilities, and various forms of tourism activities increased, tourists increased, the sojourn time in Xining Prefecture and county to county, in addition to Xining, tourism consumers also increased. The development of tourism in Xining has also led to the development of food and entertainment and transportation industry. (author: Lu Yi)