recently, when the implementation of the West District People’s Court Executive Board will be carried out to the West District, a district of more than 100 households in the hands of the entire area of laughter.

the district was originally a bankrupt family members of the hospital, a long time in a state of no management, after consultation with the owners set up the owners management committee. As the owners of the District, but the long-term arrears heating costs, health costs and other property costs. July 13, 2009, west district court judgment by Du Mou Sohn, Wu and other more than 100 households in the year 2005 to the annual heating costs, health costs totaling 4322 yuan. After the entry into force of the judgment, the district had owed his wages on grounds, refused to fulfill its obligations. October 26, 2009, Sohn, Wu and other more than 100 households to the West District Court for enforcement.

in Du home, the couple to a variety of reasons prevarication, do not let the police officers raided their homes. When police officers executed that not let search legal consequences, his wife lied out of money, and took several passbook and cash at home to transfer into the handbag. The executive through observation, think there is fraud, it came to open the bag, found the bag with its sister name of the accounts of more than 14000 yuan passbook and its daughter name accounts 6000 yuan each, otherwise a passbook cash ten thousand yuan.