This year, Huangyuan actively implement the new rural cooperative medical policy of major diseases, to further improve the level of medical care for major diseases, so that the one hundred thousand participating farmers really experience to spend money to protect a serious illness". 1-8 months, the county NCMS fund for a total of 6216 farmers involved in reimbursement of hospitalization expenses of $15 million 557 thousand and 300.

this year, NCMS children with congenital heart disease, leukemia, severe mental illness and other 21 kinds of major diseases included in the coverage of major diseases, and the hospitalization compensation cap line of major diseases increased to 200 thousand yuan, the actual reimbursement of major disease inpatients reached the total hospitalization expenses of 70%. In order to let farmers benefit from Huangyuan County in expanding the coverage of major diseases, improve the basis of reimbursement, and actively promote the new two bailout of the inpatient reimbursement of NCMS reimbursement after conventional personal burden of medical costs more than $3000 for the two time synchronization disease medical security severely subsidy funds; at the same time the county medical institutions to carry out the new rural cooperative medical assistance and "one-stop" services, so that the county rural poverty population in the county medical institutions are synchronization of the new rural cooperative medical assistance and reimbursement.

1-8, the county a total of 107 eligible farmers give two subsidy of 125 thousand and 100 yuan of medical expenses, the poor reimbursement ratio reached 88.7%, thus greatly reducing the high burden of medical expenses for the critically ill patients. (author: Jia Ming pays Dragons)